Voice Rehabilitation Specialist pathway

The full pathway provides a part-time training that is thorough and fully assessed, with tutor support throughout. It will take a minimum of two a half years through three levels of training. The Vocal Health First Aid, the Vocal Habilitation Professional and finally the Voice Rehabilitation Specialist.

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Step One

Vocal Health
First Aid

This training will equip you to make an initial health assessment of a voice user, and to give advice on how to maintain healthy voice use. You will have an understanding of the causes of voice problems and know when to refer someone on to another professional. The VHFA course is fully accredited and recognised (level 2 equivalent).

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£184 (incl VAT)

Fully Online

Fully accredited Online
Level 2 Course

10 hours of film content

6 weeks to completion

Multiple choice assessment

CPD Certification Service Accreditation

In Person, Online Assessment

30 minute spoken assessment with a rehabilitation specialist

See the content and Vocal Health First Aid Tutors

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Step Two

Vocal Habilitation Professional

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Module One

Online And Virtually In Person

This training will give you the skills to understand and help voice users return to healthy function and maintain this. You will learn how the complex interactions of lifestyle, environment and aspects of health, combine with the behaviours of our minds and bodies. All of this will impact our voice use. The VHP training is fully assessed and tutored.

33 hours of film content

90 days to completion

4.5 hours of live seminars

Module Two

Virtually In Person

6 hours of seminars 

Exploring real case studies

90 days to completion

Module Three

Individual Mentoring

3 hours of personal attention

Taught by Vocal Rehab Specialists

60 days to completion

Module Four

Online Final Mentoring Session With Dr Jenevora Williams

1 hour long

30 days to completion

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Step Three

Voice Rehabilitation Specialist

The Voice Rehabilitation Specialist training is made up of 4 compulsory modules and a selection of others from the Short Courses on offer. In order to certify you need more than 180 credits. Each module has an amount of credits attached to it. All of the short courses provided through vocal health education have credits attached to them.

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Thank you for creating these invaluable opportunities for us to grow and develop further. I LOVE and believe in what Vocal Health Education stands for, its authenticity and person centred approach.

Thank YOU for continually creating a safe platform for open discussion, debate and honesty. Your honesty and curiosity is a rarity in our field of work.
What was really clever was the way all the sessions were client-led and the contracting was so helpful. I think I mentioned how refreshing it was not to have made copious amounts of notes over the weekend. It was, as you advertised, experiential - and what a good way to learn!

It was heartening to be amongst such knowledgeable, caring professionals and I am proud to be a member of VHE. I feel that Stephen and yourself should be extremely proud of the work that you are doing.
I enjoyed the three days. I really appreciate your willingness to bring your experiences and where you currently were into the space.

Critical Thinking Testimonials...

The Orientation, Supervision and Assessment

1 x 45 minute induction

6 hours of supervision

1 hour final assessment

Critical Thinking

Three-day intensive in-person training event delivered by a range of specialists.

Counselling for Singing Teachers

12 Weeks of counselling skills with Sarah Carcilio (MSc, MA, BAhons, PGDip)

Manual Therapy for Voice and Swallowing Disorders

2 days of practical, in person training in
Manual Therapy by Waltz Fritz

Credits per module

(VRS = 180 credits total)


Certificate of Teaching Inclusively (15)

Teaching Young Voices with Evolving Voice (30)

Fundamental Anatomy (10)

Dissection/Lab Day (5)

Advanced Manual Therapy with Vocal Massage Training (30)

Mindfulness for Singers (15)

Healthy Spoken Voice (5)

Endoscopic Evaluation and Interpretation with Get Vocal Now (10)

Voice Clinic Observation (5 credits per visit + 1500 written words, max 20 credits)

**other studies completed elsewhere will be considered for credits if deemed relevant to the skills of a VRS. For example. Kari Ragan’s practicum, 10 credits.