Voice Care

Welcome! If you’re a professional voice user, there may be times when something’s not right with your voice. First of all, it’s not your fault, it happens to everyone at some time. We’re here to help with some advice, resources and should all else fail, a referral to the Voice Care Centre.

Try to stay as well as you can

Ok - I know about drinking water, what else can I do?

Warm up your voice at the start of every day, and cool down after voice use. Try the warm-up suggestions below…

Will that stop me from getting tired?

Take frequent short breaks during practice, rehearsals, lessons and performances. This limits any swelling in the larynx from over-use

Are there other things I could be doing?

Have you made space and time for yourself? When was the last time you saw the sea, walked in the woods, looked at the horizon?

If you’re still here and thinking “Yeah, I’m doing all of that, what now?” keep reading:

For much more information on how to maintain a healthy voice – the Voice Care for Singers course is an amazingly accessible resource for people just like you.

Voice Care for Singers is a series of video tutorials from our world-renowned courses (Vocal Health First Aid, Vocal Habilitation Professional, Fundamental Anatomy) that highlight important aspects of regular voice care, specifically aimed at singers and professional voice users. This course delivers all the advice you need about regular voice care and how your voice works, presented in short and easy to understand films. We also created 5 new videos especially for this resource.

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Uh oh! You’re a professional voice user, and something’s still not right with your voice?

Stephen King, one of the founders of Vocal Health Education, along with Lydia Hart SLT have written a book just for you. “Help! I’ve got a voice problem” was written for people like you in mind, and covers a comprehensive view of function and dysfunction, and begins to answer the question: “Why do I have a voice problem?”

“This wonderfully accessible book emphasises the many and various ways in which voices can go wrong. In discussing biological, psychological and sociological factors, it helps readers to understand that there is rarely just one factor causing vocal dysfunction. A fabulous introduction to voice disorders.” – Declan Costello, Consultant Laryngologist specialising in voice disorders

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Still got questions?

Now if you’ve got this far, there’s still something you want to know about your voice or something not quite right with your voice, so you’re hanging on in there to see what else we can do for you?

Find a Practitioner

The next stage of your journey back to vocal health might now be to meet with one of our Vocal Health First Aiders or Habilitation Professionals You might be able to find someone locally to you, by simply searching “Vocal Health First Aider” into Google and seeing who has passed our training in the area.

If you’ve been to your GP, and you’re waiting for a referral to voice specialist team, you may be waiting months or even years in some cases. If so, you may wish to have an initial assessment with one of the Voice Care Centre’s specialist voice practitioners and chat through your symptoms and experiences.

Find a practitioner

The Voice Care Centre employs some of the top voice professionals in the UK, from Speech Therapists, Osteopaths, Nutritional Scientists, Vocal Massage Therapists and Voice Rehabilitation Specialists.

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