The mission and vision behind Vocal Health Education

Vocal Health Education

Vocal Health Education was started in the February of 2020 in the UK by Stephen King and Dr Jenevora Williams. At the time, there was a distinct lack of easily accessible and high-quality education in the field of vocal health and rehabilitation. We want to open the conversation about vocal injury and dysfunction. Common problems can have complex causes; our training pathway addresses the need to see the whole person to guide their journey in voice. This unique training with Vocal Health Education ultimately leads you to the Voice Rehabilitation Specialist.
At Vocal Health Education we have two parallel aims:
1. To educate as many people as possible around the world about basic vocal health principles
2. To train the next generation of voice rehabilitation specialists in a broad, rigorous and accredited pathway

We are a not for profit company, which means that everything we produce as an educational resource is for you to enjoy at the most economical rate possible. We have sourced the most exceptional specialists working in the field of voice health from around the world, and brought them right to you.