The Thinking Voice Podcast

The Thinking Voice podcast by Dr Jenevora Williams, Robert Sussuma and Stephen King is all about exploring the human voice through open conversation.

The Interviews

The Interviews released will follow a standard interview format, with one host interviewing a special guest.  The topic of conversation begins with how the guest journeyed into the world of Vocal Health, and often explores a more philosophical and idealistic avenue.

The Conversations

The conversations are played out in real time, and are unplanned musings between Dr Jenevora Williams, Stephen King and Robert Sussuma which include; phenomenological, existential, anatomic, pedagogic and experiential motor learning principles.

The nature of these conversations be triggered by a random topic that has been pre-set into a randomiser. In listening in, you will be steered down all kinds of cobbled conversational streets between the three hosts, unpicking relevant research (sometimes published by the hosts themselves) or anecdotal concepts and “practice-based evidence”.

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Dr Jenevora Williams

Jenevora Williams is the leading Singing Voice Rehabilitation specialist in the UK, and the joint director of Vocal Health Education.

Stephen King

Stephen is the founder of the multidisciplinary clinic the Voice Care Centre, and joint Director of Vocal Health Education

Robert Sussuma

Vocalist, vocal learning facilitator and Feldenkrais® Practitioner