Voice Rehabilitation Specialist

The VRS is an elite level of training and involves a significant commitment to multi-disciplinary study.  Successful graduates of the VHP course are eligible to be considered for the VRS pathway. This pathway delivers an unique breadth of training, delivering all the theory behind voice rehabilitation within the practical applications of the biopsychosocial model.

13 learning

5 days
in person

8 hours of 1-1 supervision

2 days of
practical training

Who are the clients for the VRS?

Voice users may come to the VRS from a variety of sources. They may have a referral from a clinician such as a Speech and Language Therapist, in which case the VRS needs to have an understanding of the therapeutic journey of the client. The VRS will often work alongside clinicians, mostly following on from formal spoken voice therapy, sometimes in tandem with the clinical team.

Many voice users will self-refer to a VRS; in these cases, the VRS will follow the Scope of Practice for the Vocal Habilitation Professional.

There is nothing “off the peg” about this qualification. We will tailor a bespoke pathway for you based on your strengths and interests, closely mentored throughout.  You can also complete courses in any order.

The qualified VRS will then provide the training and assessment at the lower levels (VHFA and VHP), and will also provide training for institutions in Vocal Health Awareness.

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Pricing and Information

To enrol in the programme there is a one-off registration payment of £1,500 (which covers all supervision including your final assessment)

The course is made up of individually priced modules. It is possible to take short courses and enrol for the registration at a later date.

After the registration fee (which covers all supervision) the course will cost approximately £5000. We list an approximate cost because prices of individual study Modules vary. Each module carries a number of credits, and students are required to achieve 180 credit points by the end of their training. You can also start short courses and enrol for the registration at a later date.

Approximately £5000.00

How long will the training take?

Approximately 18 months, depending on how many study modules you choose. Again, you can complete courses in the order that suits you.

The Journey and Assessment 

Alpha Session

On registration you will complete a 45-minute assessment of your skills and strengths with Stephen King to plan your individual journey

Mentoring and Supervision

You will receive 6 supervised sessions (quarterly) with a Singing Voice Specialist/VRS mentor. These sessions will be structured to include an analysis of a recorded lesson given by you, the VRS learner. The VRS writes notes and reflections from these, as does the mentor. There is no need to deliver sessions live, you will use pre-recorded material.

Buddy Sessions

Peer observation and appraisal with a fellow VRS.  Suggested 8 sessions each way of both peer observation and appraisal over 18 months. You will possibly meet your buddy at the in-person Critical Thinking weekend.  With permission from the voice student, your buddy will sit in on a lesson then you will discuss this afterwards.   We don’t organise these sessions, but we will see your appraisal write-ups, reflections, growth and projects that arise.

It is possible to change buddy after a few sessions or keep the same person throughout.

Written Reports

You will submit a portion of your journal to Dr Jenevora Williams at the mid-way point of your studies. She will give feedback and check that you are on the right track with your written reflections.

Omega Session

A final session with you the VRS Learner, Dr Jenevora Williams and your mentor to reflect on your journal and the entire VRS journey.

Before this session, please submit the following.

1) A 2500 “summary” of the most important points from your journal.

2) The full journal.

In person weekend 

All participants are required to attend a Manual Therapy and a Critical Thinking module in London, delivered by world-renowned experts.

The rest of the Modules are presented as online short courses, which you can complete anywhere in the world.

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