Vocal Habilitation Professional

To “habilitate” is to make able, to help the out-of-sync voice user find synergy once more, and to work with your clients in a way that realigns, builds and strengthens body, mind and voice. There are no quick fixes, this work is slow and steady.
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8 months of part time study

4 module course

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What does it mean to be a
Vocal Habilitation Professional?

To complete the training the VHP needs to have at least 1,000 hours of teaching experience or direct client interactions, plus at least 20 hours of study from continuing professional development providers. The qualified VHP will also need to comply with the legal frameworks of their own country. In the UK we would expect you to have DBS checks, Safeguarding training, and the relevant professional insurance cover.

Who is this course for?

This course is for singing teachers and voice teachers wanting to be able to work with singers and other voice users who have been experiencing problems relating to their vocal health. You need to have completed Vocal Health First Aid (including assessments) before you can join the Vocal Habilitation Professional pathway.

Full Course Overview

Module 1: Theory

  • 33 hours of online content from the top Vocal Specialists on this Earth!
  • 120 days to complete
  • 100-question multiple-choice test

Module 2: Discussions

  • Reflective Detective: The first session is an experiential ‘detective’ workshop where you will be led to listen differently and ask better questions. This is an opportunity to challenge and rethink your interactions with the client. 2 hours, date tbc 2024
  • Group Case Study Sessions led by a Vocal Rehabilitation Coach or Singing Voice Specialist who will take you through real case studies and the process through which each person was habilitated. This expert guidance through individual case studies gives you a rare insight into processes which normally remain behind closed studio doors, and helps to demystify working with a recovering voice.  Students will attend two x 2-hour classes to complete this Module.
  • Person-Centred Workshop 3 hours with Stephen King on what it means to be a Person-Centred Practitioner, exploring Carl Rogers’ Three Core Conditions (Empathy, Congruence and Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR)
    Not assessed, no preparation necessary. Please just turn up with your curious self!

Module 3: Mentoring

  • This module is primarily observation of habilitation practice; you will lead lessons, responding to and guided by feedback from your mentor.
  • The format will generally be three filmed 35-minute vocal health aware lessons with feedback. You will continue with your reflective journal during this module.
  • This mentoring and feedback process should prepare the candidate for the Module 4 assessment. If the mentor recommends that final assessment is not the right step at this stage, there will be the opportunity to extend the period of mentoring.
  • Mentoring will be with singing voice clients as default, we can also offer specialist mentoring for working with the speaking voice on request.
  • You will source your own client, helping you to build connections with organisations and communities for whom you can provide a useful service once you qualify.

Module 4: Final Mentoring Session with Singing Voice Rehabilitation Specialist

  • A 50-minute debrief with Dr Jenevora Williams, who will be examining your reflective journal (already submitted) and asking questions about your current knowledge.
  • This session is intended as a moment of deep reflection on your journey through Modules 1-3, examining what you have learned and what may have changed within your teaching practice.
  • If this is successful, the candidate will be awarded the Vocal Habilitation Professional qualification, which is valid for three years.

Course Dates

Commencing June 2024 

Course timings:

Module 1 theory – 4 months to complete including all quizzes, content released  June 14th 2024.  Optional  Zoom study buddy groups will also be offered. 

Module 2 live classes (UK TIMES)

Person Centred Workshop with Stephen King, August 17th 3-6pm

 Reflecting Detective with Stephen King 14th September 6 pm – 8 pm

Case Studies with Maurice Goodwin Monday 7th October 8pm – 10pm  

Dr Rachel Goldenberg Saturday 26th October 1pm -3 pm


Modules 3 & 4 – January to February 2025, self-paced learning and 1:1 mentoring, at your own pace. 

What do I get?

⭑ 33 hours of video modules
9 hours of group classes
⭑ 3 hours of 1-1 mentoring

Tailored and personalised course management
⭑ Access to content from over 30 professionals in the field
⭑ To join a community of like-minded individuals and share your learning journey
⭑ Rounded learning in vocal anatomy and biopsychosocial care
This level 5 course is now fully accredited by the CPD Certification Service!

How much does it cost?

Full course cost: £1,499

8 month payment plan: 8 x £195


Full course cost £1295.00
Payment plan £175 per month for 9 months!

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