Voice Rehabilitation Specialist
Scope of Practice

The Voice Rehabilitation Specialist (VRS):

· Has already qualified as a Vocal Habilitation Professional.
· Is a singing teacher or voice practitioner who has advanced knowledge, training and experience in the rehabilitation of singers with voice disorders.
· Will have an accredited qualification in Voice Pedagogy and/or at least 10,000 hours (or 10 years) of singing teaching experience.
· Will often be working within a multidisciplinary Voice Clinic.
· Will focus on the initial stages of rehabilitation, following on from clinical therapy (with a documented referral from the clinician), and facilitating a return to lessons with an appropriate teacher or VHP.


The Voice Rehabilitation Specialist (VRS) will have had further training in:

· Endoscopic evaluation of laryngeal function and observations of a range of pathologies.
· Anatomy – a day in the dissection lab.
· Anxiety management, counselling skills and mindfulness.
· The theoretical background to practical rehabilitation techniques.
· Advanced functional anatomy of the healthy voice.
· Manual therapy – how to guide self-massage, use of palpation for assessment and the use of massage therapy for functional release of tension.
· Physical wellness – knowledge of how to advise the performer in optimising their exercise and nutrition.
· The developing voice – knowledge of pedagogy for children and adolescents, and the particular vocal health needs of younger singers.

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