Dissections of the Vocal Tract

Course dates: 8th August 2023

Dr Mike Hutchinson & Stephen King

The Course

Course cost: £425.00
Kings College, London
Time: 9.30am
 – 4pm

The day consists of an hour of free roam in the Gordon Museum of Pathology which is not open to the public. This is a rare chance to see cadaveric bodies and body parts with rare diseases and dysfunctions. Once the hour is up, you then head over to the dissection lab.
There will be a two hour seminar with prominent and legendary anatomist Dr Mike Hutchinson* subject to availability. He has been teaching surgical anatomy for 50 years at Kings and is the last of his kind, a truly gifted and inspirational teacher.The bodies and body parts of interest will be found and presented to you all dependant on what you are interested in seeing and learning about ‘in the flesh’. This course is HIGHLY customisable, so please bring questions and ideas of what you want to see.
Hour for lunch.
A further two hour guided seminar by another member of the surgical anatomy team.

Further Information

The cost for this day is £425.00 as it is highly specialised and unique in the UK. King’s holds one of the last Anatomy licenses in the UK, and this course has been developed with extreme care and caution so as to protect the medical standards that the college upholds.

The dissection lab has a few rules:
  1. No photography under ANY circumstances
  2. Long sleeves must be worn

The dissection lab can be a little overwhelming in both sight and smell. If you are unable to participate due to illness, there can be no refunds.