Vocal Health First Aid Scope of Practice

The Vocal Health First Aider will be the go-to for vocal health advice within any college or conservatoire, youth singing organisation, theatre or opera company. Any place that is training or employing singers should have a Vocal Health First Aider, this would preferably be one of the senior leaders in the organisation. This ensures that the vocal health needs of the performer will be considered in the framework of all decision-making, planning and scheduling.

The training for the Vocal Health First Aider will provide an opportunity to:

• Learn about the main factors that can lead to voice problems
• Understand the emotional challenges for the performer
• Have a fundamental awareness of how voices work when they are healthy
• Implement strategies that can minimise or prevent the development of vocal health issues
• Learn about common voice pathology, the causes and symptoms
• Be guided through nasendoscopy examinations of the larynx
• Relate the impact of lifestyle habits to healthy vocal function
• Identify the symptoms of voice problems and provide immediate help until specialist treatment is accessed
• Know how to access appropriate support for individuals with vocal health problems

The Vocal Health First Aider will have

• A basic understanding of vocal health and the factors that can affect vocal wellbeing
• Practical skills to spot the signs of a range of vocal dysfunction and imbalance
• Knowledge to help someone towards recovery by
a) Guiding them in self-management, or
b) Passing them on to further support, whether that is specialist vocal rehabilitation coaching or clinical treatment
• An understanding of how to prevent vocal health issues from occurring in the workplace

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